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These short, uplifting devotional messages of comfort and encouragement are just the antidote for days of stress and worry.

In Everything is Gonna Be All Right, Pastor Robert Hasley tells homespun stories and anecdotes of a life lived in faith through good times and bad. His grandmother would always say, “everything’s gonna be all right.” As a young man, he wondered, how could she say such a thing when pain, harm, and suffering persist? Yet hers was not a Pollyanna faith, but a faith that sustained and comforted in times full of fear, anxiety, and stress.

Now available in hardcover and paperback, with Kindle and audio book editions coming soon.

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Here are the thoughts of a pastor who knows how to connect the Christian faith with the challenges of everyday life.

For decades, Robert Hasley has ministered among God’s people. In this lively collection, we see why Hasley has been so beloved by his flock. His devotionals display a gentle wit, flashes of insight, and keen pastoral insight. You’ll be better for having had Robert Hasley minister to you through his extraordinary ability to communicate the faith.

- Will Willimon, United Methodist bishop (retired), Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School, author of Accidental Preacher: A Memoir.

Everything Is Gonna Be All Right is an inspiring collection of stories...

... that I had the privilege of hearing first hand while attending Rev. Robert Hasley's church.  His life experiences can bring confidence, peace and strength to anyone in these trying times.

 - Troy Aikman, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

The short stories inspired me to reconnect with my own stories.

In a world where isolation and uncertainty have become so prevalent, these devotionals are life-giving. The short stories inspired me to reconnect with my own stories and reminded me of the certainty that I am not, and never have been, alone. That’s enough to carry me through each day.

- Rev. Stacy L. Auld, Director of Spiritual Care, Houston Methodist Hospital

At a time when so little seems to be “all right,’’ Pastor Robert Hasley imparts wisdom...

...inherited from his 101-year-old grandmother in a series of faith-restorative devotionals. Whether it’s whale-watching or kangaroo wrestling, in trips to Africa, Australia or family reunions in Arkansas, Hasley uncovers New Testament guidance and expressions of God’s healing hand to share with readers.

- Tim Cowlishaw, columnist, Dallas Morning News

I Have Read Many Devotional Books,
But None Quite So Heartfelt, Warm, And Relatable.

I think of Everything Is Gonna Be All Right as the portable Rev. Hasley. Like the author himself, it is a welcome companion and friend–enjoyable to be with, inspiring to know, and yet challenging when necessary, though always with grace and humor. This is a gift.
Craig C. Hill, Dean and Professor of New Testament, Perkins School of Theology/SMU,
author of Servant of All: Status, Ambition, and the Way of Jesus.

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