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Present Comfort is for anyone whose life has been touched by loss 

Present Comfort is for those who grieve the death of a loved one, for those who feel sad, bewildered, frustrated, or confused by the chaos and uncertainty in the world, and for those who are at a loss to understand the myriad emotions of modern loss and grief. The book offers comfort and encouragement for those who grieve and context for those who desire to share in the heart and language of grief.

The meditations in Present Comfort reflect on some of the complicated, more complex issues of modern grief, and identify many of the issues that may arise from the devastation of personal loss. Julie Yarbrough’s new book provides direction and insight from a spiritual perspective through the assurance and support of scripture. The hope is that Present Comfort inspires a deeper faith that in each whisper of comfort, there is the presence of God.

Present Comfort Book Cover

“This book transcends the realm of self-help books and becomes a ministry of hope and reassurance.”

Stephen L. Hines MD, FACP, Hospice Physician


“For those of us who have wept the bitter tears of loss, this book is a welcome balm to the soul.”

Dr. Maria A. Dixon Hall, Chief Diversity Officer, Southern Methodist University

“... a fountain of wisdom, insight, honesty, and hope.” 

Dr. William B. Lawrence, Professor Emeritus, Perkins School of Theology

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